May 18, 2021

Where To Submit Your Article in 2021

Article submission has become No.1 strategy of any blogger to get the search engine rankings so quickly. This strategy works because you submit your article on your niche related community site,which has high authority, traffic and page rank and you earn a backlink as a result. Search engine ranking does not totally depends on article submission strategy but other factors should also be considered. It means you when writing article you should consider other factor that could affect search engine optimization (SEO).

Where To Submit Your Article

What is SEO?

There is no standard definition of SEO. As this is not our main topic today so we suggest you to read this article to know more about SEO –> What Is SEO ?

Other Factors that affect Search ranking:

There are number of factor that can affect your article’s search ranking. These are include: On-page SEO, Use of social media, backlinks, webmaster awareness, Google’s keyword tool, ‘dofollow’ and ‘nofollow’ and so on. To know more about these factor you should read our following articles:

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In my previous article: 6 Dofollow Blogging Communities to Submit your Blog Posts, i had mentioned 6 community sites which allow you to submit your article to get strong backlink. However community sites are not limited to these 6 sites. There are actually hundreds of other sites that are currently accepting article submission. Some require membership and some demands money per link submission so you have to pay money to get listed. So it is worth mentioning that we not recommend you to submit your articles on all these community sites because it will be time consuming if you are submitting your articles on all community sites available over the web. Also, in this article we’ll not mention any community site which will demand money from you in any way.

It is crucial to submit your article at the best community site and which is related to you niche. You should try to submit your articles daily. Some sites will accept your articles automatically and some will require editorial approval. Site that requires editorial approval will review your article before publishing so if your article is not related to their niche they will reject your submission. So always remember that you should submit your article on those sites which are related to your niche and not submit blindly because this activity will make you spammer and you will face some difficulties in submitting your articles in future.


Indexing: Articles submitted on community sites and as a result have strong backlinks, are indexed quickly and ranked well.

Increase Authority: As we have already said that you should always submit your article on those sites that have high authority because if you submit your articles on these sites your website authority will also increase and visitor will perceive your site better than others and will trust on your recommendations and the products or services you are offering.

Popularity: Your article can be reproduced by other sites but now they will give you credits in the form of quality backlink (the link to your article). In this way your article becomes popular and more and more blogger will reproduce and publish your article along with giving you backlink. Hence your website will benefit from increased popularity.

Backlinks and page rank: The more articles you write and more you submit then on community sites, the more backlinks you will get. There are two types of backlinks, one is nofollow and other is dofollow. To know more about them, we recommend you to read this article: What Are “do follow” and “no follow” backlinks ?

Backlinks play important role in search engines optimization and these are the backlinks that are taken into account by the spiders when your page rank is calculated. Your website traffic also depends on number of backlinks as i mentioned above. The higher your page rank and the more backlinks you have, the more traffic you will get from search engines.

Where To Submit Articles ?

Today we have collected some sites where you can submit your articles and that have high authority and page rank and can also refer huge traffic to your site. These following sites will provide you strong backlinks.

Lets take a look at these sites:


Sulia is most amazing social networking site that allow submission which automatically published so here there is no concept of approval. Your article will be published immediately. To submit an article, it requires to sign in, so you need to create an account here. You can sign in with Facebook, Twitter, Google and LinkedIn. I strongly recommend you to submit your article here on Sulia daily.


DesignerNewz provide web design resources and development news to web designers and developers. It is a community site which allow article submission and provide strong backlink. Here for successful submission you have to provide your post title, URL, tags and content that describe your article in 2 to 3 lines. They normally accept your article within few hours. The other main thing which you should remember is that, DesignerNewz accept articles that are related to design in some way. If you submit your article on this site, your article will appear on home page and can be viewed easily due to superb navigation system. Review this site before submitting your article. It also provide a platform where you have access to the number of design related articles. It means you have no need to search articles on search engines, just open DesignerNewz and you will get all the necessary stuff you need in just one click.


Tutslist is another site which allow article submission. It provides web and graphic designs and trends, tutorials, website templates, CSS, web development, recommendations and much more. Tutslist have a category of ”Design News” which include all submissions. If you submit your article on Tutslist, it will be appear on specific category apposite to DesignerNewz.


Dedign is my favorite site where i submit all my articles because Dedign accept all articles and have not a specific niche. The submission process is same like DesignerNewz and Tutslist. In all these sites except Sulia, you do not need to create any account on these sites. Just fill required fields and enjoy successful submission of your article. The weak point of Dedign is that you will not enjoy referral traffic because people visit Dedign just for the sake of article submission to get a backlink. On the other hand, other community sites provide backlinks and also send huge traffic to your site because users visit these sites to get quality material not for article submission.


BloggerArena offer same facility as above sites. Submission process is easy same like dedign. It is very popular site so you can benefit with huge traffic if you submit your articles daily on this site. In submission form, there are many categories and from which you have to select only one category that best suit your article. Selecting wrong category doesn’t mean that your article will be rejected but it will affect views of your article and hence traffic.

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