May 18, 2021

What Is SEO ?

What is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. But the definition of SEO is a more difficult to define. Actually there is no one standard defination of SEO.

If you’re thinking that SEO is a blog, website or related to social networks then you’re totally wrong and mis-interpreted the word SEO.

What is SEO?

SEO Stands for Search Engine Optimization and SEO is a technique which helps search engines to find and rank website higher than the other websites in response to a search query (You enter in a search engine e.g songs,music etc).

—>SEO Tip:

Whenever you enter a query in a search engine (like google, bing, yahoo and etc) and hit ‘enter’ you get a list of web results (list of websites) that contain your query term you have entered. It’s very common that Users normally tend to visit websites that are at the top of this list (appeared on first page) as they perceive those to be more relevant to the query. Did you ever think that, why some of these websites rank better (appear first) than the others ? then you must have to know that it is because of a powerful web marketing techniques called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
To understand this, consider your own internet search habits. Whenever you want to find information that you don’t know the exact website where you can find the stuff you actually want, you just simply use a search engine because it is the fastest and easiest way to get your information. Once the search results are posted, you’re far more likely to explore the links on first page of results shown because they are (you think or perceive) the most relevant to what you are looking for and allow you to find easily and quickly what you’re looking for.

Goal of Search Engine Optimization:

The goal of search engine optimization is to optimize your site so that the popular search engines (e.g google, bing, or yahoo) rank your site as highly as possible which actually in turn leads to a greater volume of traffic to your site. But its not only beacuse of good SEO, other factors are also matter such as contants of your website post (genuine contant is important) and relevance of post title,keyword,tags labels etc, which i explain you afterward.

Skills For SEO:

As an SEO you need to have very strong technical skills before you impletment SEO tools or techniques to your site. At a minimum, you must need to know that how actually the Internet works and how search engines crawl and index your website. So Understanding of how to diagnose and solve accessibility issues and crawl efficiency problems are most important.

Do you know what is HTML, CSS, JQuery, AJAX, Flash, JavaScript, XML, JSON, RSS, PHP, SQL ? If no then do experiment with them and understand these technologies because SEO is about knowing enough about everything like these. The more technical you are the more efficient you become. There is always something more to learn about.
However, i can help you to figure this out. You just need that skip the heading ‘Skills For SEO’ and read the following.

Links To Your Website:

Its simply means that links to and from other websites and connecting with and through others on social networks. In a simple language it is about the links and social networking.

I am not really a huge fan of link building but it is not about becoming a fan but its very crucial in SEO and very important if you want to get high rank. In simple terms you just need to get links from other websites. I know its hard to get links but you have to get.

How To Get Links:

The easiest approach is go to the other websites and post comment on thier websites and get a link. This is normal practise but some times its called spamming. So be care full when you’re going to comment on other’s website. In techniqal language its a ‘no follow’ link and doesn’t helps you to get high rank as you may expecting. So try to get ‘do follow’ links more and more as you can.

Do Follow links:

Many experienced owner of websites who make website to earn online, don’t know about these and i think that is main reason that thier websites are not high ranked. However let me explain you how to get ‘do follow’ links. Make a post which contain unique stuff that other don’t have and use genuine content and give a right permalink which could define the main theme of your post and give related keywords and tags so that search engines can easily pick your link. After this other will want your stuff in thier website and ultimately they will give ‘Reference link’ to your orignal post because of copyright issues, and you will get the genuine ‘do follow’ link from many of the websites having high rank. The Plagiarism Checker is tool to check copied material from other website. So its an advice, don’t ever use copyright material (Copy paste from other sites) as this is a violation of Copyright act. You can assist your work by wikipedia or other websites which provide free material. In Short, do not use Copyright material in your posts.

Other methods are aslo there to get ‘do follow’ link such as many website owner allow guest posting where you have to post an article and they will give you a credit link of your website (a ‘do follow’ lnk).

Keywords are also important to let search engine to find your post/website.


  • Use keyword which attract sufficient traffic.
  • Do not use keywords with high competition and make this as a permalink.
  • Also change the name of images if you’re using in your post. Replace the name of the image with targeted keyword.

Google keyword Tool helps you to get keyword, which attract sufficient traffic. Important note – Don’t use single keyword as a permalink, for example: Here ‘test’ is a targeted keyword for example.

Relevance of Keywords:

Relevance is the beginning not the end of SEO. So relevance of keywords must be remembered before publishing a post blindly.

Relevance of targeted keywords doesn’t means that they need to be completely relevant and there is no difference exists, but these are perceived to be as relevant at a glance.

What About High Rank?

You have noted that i didn’t talk much about ranking/website-rank. Its simply beacuse without enough knowlegde of above information you can’t get high rank or even 1/10 rank. Check you page rank now and check page rank after implementing SEO, you will see the amazing results.

SEO service:

Many companies offer SEO services for websites but you have to pay for this and this will be a huge amount specially for individuals who are not rich and do blogging as a part time job and earn a small amount of money.


Google, Yahoo, Bing, Dmoz and other directories would effect your website traffic and ultimately ranking. Try to get listed on some of these or try harder to get listed on all of these because these directories will contribute to your website traffic.


SEO is about generating productive organic search traffic by matching query intent with relevance and value. Whick helps search engines to find website having that query. There are many tools and techniques which are important if you want to get high rank of you website. If you follow all these above mentioned recomendation and work on your website keeping this information in mind you will definitely get a high rank.

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