May 18, 2021

Top 10 Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Website or Blog in 2021

It is very easy to launch and start a site but it is not easy that search engines will find your site. Starting a blog is a best way to increase your online performance and earning but capturing more traffic require commitment and work and take time. You can create a blog quickly even at no cost but employing a right strategy could be challenging task. Knowing the ways in which search engine spiders crawl your site could be a good experience and could be incorporated in search engine optimization (SEO) of your site but it is a rare case. How to increase search engine ranking of websites becomes huge topic among webmasters and business owners. In response to the sudden drop in search rankings many businesses start paying SEO agents and online directories to increase their website appearance in search engines. But many bloggers and webmaster don’t know some secretes ways to increase their websites’ search appearance/ranking that are free. To increase your websites’ search appearance you have to simply follow these ways. In this article there is top 10 ways to increase traffic to your website or blog that will help you to increase traffic through SEO techniques.

Top 10 Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Website or Blog

1. Use Quality Content:

Content is king – Quality content is a key to success of your website. If you want long-term success and increase in traffic, you must have unique and high quality content. It is the first main thing that many website and blog owners ignores. If you have quality content and update your site daily, undoubtedly you will get traffic that will increase daily and force your readers to visit your site regularly. As readers love unique content to read, search engine also love unique content. If you publish article with unique content daily, search engines will give a good rank to that article and hence your article will soon get a highest rank in search engines.

2. Index Your Website

Indexing your site tell search engines to know your website exist. Although Google search engine automatically index your site but takes more time than you submit your site on Google webmaster manually. This is perhaps a very common way but still many new website and blog owners don’t know about this. You can index your site into every search engines, we recommend you to index your site on at least top 3 search engines: Google, Bing and Yahoo.

3. Focus on Title, Description and Keywords

Title, description and keywords are perhaps the most important and essential elements to get high-ranking in search engines. Personally, i always focus on these three things. There are hundreds of  SEO Plugins available for free, that can help you to get high search engine ranking. You should read this article if you don’t have such SEO plugin : Top 10 Popular SEO Plugins For WordPress.

Use unique title and describe your article in this way that your main targeted keywords are nicely used in description then enter targeted keywords (max=7) that can get good traffic  and be sure you have used your targeted keywords in your post title. Focusing on these three things is important because these determine how your article appears in the search results. You use Google Adword Keyword Tool to know which keyword can get high traffic and thus which keyword you should have to target.

4. interlinks Your Articles

Do you know that when you search something on search engines, Wikipedia which is the most popular encyclopedia over the internet appears first. how? Wikipedia and many other organisations build internal links also known as inbound links constantly. Giving links to internal articles is a good technique of obtaining more and more page views and hence traffic. Give links to your existing previous articles that are relevant to your new article.

5. Build Backlinks

The best way to get strong “dofollow” backlinks is to write posts for other sites, this is called Guest Posting. In return for your guest post, demand a backlink. I know this is very time-consuming task specially if you are writing an article for others. You can also publish that article on your site but again you will face traffic problem. The best way is to write a unique and golden content and you will automatically get number of backlinks and huge traffic. Content is King and always remember this tip.

6. Use Social Networking Sites

Facebook, twitter, google plus, pinterest, we heart it, scoop it, stumbleupon and many other social networking sites can help you to get high traffic if you are active on these site and share your articles on these sites constantly and consistently. People love to read fresh and good content but cannot find your site in search results. Social networking sites offers you a very good opportunity to share your content there. In this way more and more people will be able to read your content and may be bookmark your website. Hence you will get some good traffic sources in this way.

7. Submit Articles on Community Sites

Many community site are waiting for you. Yes i am not kidding! If you don’t know about these sites read this article: Where To Submit Your Article ? and start submission on these sites. Community sites not only offers backlinks but also provide huge traffic that search engines may not.

8. Give Quick Response Through Comments

Readers always ask questions through commenting system of through other sources like contact us form. You should always give answers to the question quickly and your response should be well explained because this is a great way to build visitors loyalty. Comment system attract a large number of repeat visitors and enhances credibility of your article.

9. Publish Newsletters

Remind your visitors about the new content you have published on your website. Publishing articles and newslatters daily also helps in building visitor loyalty. Publishing newslatters is a good way to boost your traffic because by publishing newslatters you will inform them about your new articles. The gap between you and your visitors will decrease and you will get high traffic to your website.

10. Domain Name and URLs

If you are going to start new website, choose easy, simple, relevant and rememberable name. Those who are currently running a website should keep in mind that urls play an important role in search results so i suggest to use clear urls like ” “. Using urls like “ is very bad because search engines will not find your website against the search query.

It will become hard to get good traffic if you rely simply on link building but, by using the easiest and most effective techniques discussed above, you can increase your website traffic. I hope these technique will help you. If i missed any other techniques which you think is important, please tell us in the comment section below.

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