May 18, 2021

Top 10 Popular SEO Plugins For WordPress in 2021

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the hottest topic for every blogger. Actually most of the blogger struggle to get more and more traffic to their blog from search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo and etc) every day. Most of the bloggers are still keep their focus on delivering true value oriented content. WordPress is very popular, quite powerful and flexible publishing platform and WordPress plugin community values SEO and strong focus on doing SEO right. It has developed a number of plugins to help WordPress blogger to increase their search traffic. Search engines may not understand how relevant your content is to the specific search query, if you don’t have any SEO plugin or you don’t even know about SEO. Also read this article: What is SEO?

Here are Top 10 popular useful SEO plugins making your blog even more powerful from the SEO point of view. These plugin will also help you to optimize your post titles and description  tags and tell search engine’s spider what to work on. If you choose and use the right SEO plugin for WordPress, it will help you how to do SEO, to stay in the high online competition. Doing any SEO related task highly depends on your SEO needs and your own skills. So truly speaking, your own skills also matter in SEO. So make sure you know well about SEO and you are familiar with every things which have relation with SEO. On-page SEO optimization is one of the most important concern which you must address if you want to get high traffic from search engines and high page rankings. Basically it make very simple and easy for spiders to understand the relevance of your content to specific search queries. Although this is a very complex and technical process and many blogger don’t have enough knowledge about it and that’s why fails to attract many visitors. However WordPress is doing a lot of the work to solve this issue but this is where SEO plugins comes into the role.

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There are many SEO plugins available that either not useful or on extreme fails to work. So you should always bear in mind that not all of SEO plugins work. It is not easy to find the right and best SEO plugin because it requires extensive knowledge of SEO and also requires time to search. The plugins listed below are those which are highly recommended by the professionals and developed by the SEO experts. Make sure to read the installation guides before proceeding.

Top 10 Popular SEO Plugins For WordPress

1. All-In-One SEO Pack

All-In-One SEO is one of the most popular SEO plugins with more than 12 million downloads and have a good ranking. Most of professionals and SEO experts specifically recommended to use this plugin because it has lots of SEO features. It helps you to choose the best post title and automatically optimizes your post title for search engines. It also help you to choose the best keywords and automatically generates meta tags. All-In-One SEO allows you to override your default post title and set SEO optimized description and keywords. It is very user friendly so you don’t need to worry that if you are a beginner. Both beginners and experienced blogger can use it and utilize all of its options and features.

2. WordPress SEO by Yoast

This SEO plugin is one of the best known SEO plugin and favorite of many WordPress bloggers. It provides a variety of options and features including a snippet preview and a page analysis that enables your blog to get high traffic and good page rank. A snippet preview will allow you to check how your page appears in the search results. On the other hand page analysis will help you to optimized Post titles, descriptions, keywords, content, images titles and much more. This will also provide guidance on SEO best practices whenever you write any thing in your post and allows SEO learners to learn how well posts are optimized using a visual overview. It’s other features include: it can, create XML site maps, clean up permalinks that direct back to your blog, fully customize breadcrumbs and etc. This plugin helps the beginners and contains advanced tools that are aimed to give you full control over search engine optimization (SEO).

3. HeadSpace 2 SEO

HeadSpace 2 SEO is also very powerful SEO plugin because it also provides a variety of options and great features. This plugi give you the full control over page titles, meta-data, meta-descriptions, keywords and tags. So you can install all sorts of meta-data, add specific JavaScript and CSS to your blog/website’s pages and It also suggests tags for your posts. Although this plugin requires some knowledge but still beginners can make useful SEO optimization on their pages. If you become familiar with this plugin and know how it works, how to use it and how to work on it then i am pretty sure it works wonder.

4. Google XML Sitemaps

This is a free plugin and an essential tool for every WordPress Blogger. This plugin is a great site map generator that creates an XML-sitemap that can be read by Google and also by other search engine’s spider like Ask, Bing and Yahoo. Basically this XML-sitemap help Google and other search engine’s spiders (robots) to index and crawl your WordPress website’s pages and posts. This plugin is very important SEO best practices.

5. SEO Ultimate

This SEO plugin is very useful and essential for your website because it has awesome collection of SEO tools that will enable boost your website search engine traffic. This plugin allows you to use SEO optimization features to make your website SEO optimized. This plugin includes a title tag re-writer, meta tags Editor, meta keywords editor and meta description editor. You can understand all of these feature by visiting SEO Ultimate (SEO plugin) Website.

6. Automatic SEO Links

Automatic SEO Links plugin is a great tool for every WordPress Blogger who has forgotten to add links. This plugin will allow you to select a phrase for automatic linking, add links across an entire webpage and choose if it should be “dofollow” or nofollow. Read more about ‘Dofollow’ And ‘Nofollow’ links.

7. SEO Friendly Images

Images attract many visitors and are good source of traffic. Search engines properly index those images which have alt’ and ‘title’ tags so ‘alt’ and ‘title’ tags are extremely important for images. This plugin helps you to make sure that you have added ‘alt’ and ‘title’ tags in all of your images so that search engine’s spider (robots) can properly index your images and don’t penalize your blog. Google will penalize your blog if your images don’t have any ‘alt’ and ‘title’ tags. This plugin is Very easy to use, Includes help tips and beginner friendly.

8. Platinum SEO Pack

This plugin is very popular and contains very useful features. Its great features are automatic ‘meta tag generation’ and ‘automatic 301 redirection’ for your permalinks changes. Many professional suggest this plugin and many bloggers are actually using this plugin as it help to optimize post titles and pages of your website for search engine’s spiders.

9. SEO Rank Reporter

This plugin is a pretty useful for WordPress. It is vital for a blogger to track the page rankings, so this tool will help you to track your Google rankings. SEO rank reporter helps to monitor ranking for specific keywords and provide reliable reports every three days o you can easily check ranking with useful information and graphs provided by this plugin.

10. SEO Smart Links

Interlinking (also called internal link building  your post can be the key to getting more visitors to read more of your blog posts. But sometimes it is ime consuming to do so. This plugin will automatically interlinks your posts when you command it that what words to link to what URLs. You can also tell it what links should be ‘nofollow’ and/or Open in New Window. This plugin is very useful and beginners friendly.

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