January 27, 2021

Tools for Creating Responsive Website Design in 2021

With the popularity of mobile devices, smart phones and tablet devices, responsive/fluid web layouts designs have become an important part of modern web design so web designers are turning to create responsive design. That is why, now every web designers try to build responsive web design. The main reason behind building responsive themes is the increase use of mobile devices. Today a lot of traffic comes from mobile devices and it is now become crucial have a good responsive designed website. It is difficult to create responsive website designs without using tools so tools are essential for making a responsive design because tool make your easy. A lot of free tools and resources are available for designer over the internet and many of these are geared directly towards responsive design. The performance of these tools can vary greatly but all of these save time, money and effort so they will help to reduce your work load. Having knowledge about these tools is very essential in the first place. Without have some knowledge, a new (beginner) designer can not build a responsive theme easily. It is essential to plan your work so that it could be performed efficiently. Therefore you should know before starting your work that where to start if you’ve been tasked with creating mobile friendly responsive website design.
We’ve collected 25 outstanding responsive web design tools so in this article we take a look at some of the useful responsive web design tools for designers and web developers. With the help of these tools you will have everything you need to create fluid, flexible responsive web designs.

Tools for Creating Responsive Website Design in 2021

Wireframes, Layout and Prototyping:

The first step of good design is always to make a good sketch. These tools will help you in this regard.

Responsive Wireframes

This is a good starting tool to determine which areas of your designed layout will get the most emphasis. Here you will see ‘Toggle’ button and by clicking this button you will see how different element change according to different devices.

Multi-Device Layout Patterns

This tool will help you in decision-making process. So if you are confused in deciding which type of responsive layout should be chosen this plugin will help you in this regard.

CSS and Fluid Grids

These three tool are also essential for any web designer, lets take a look at these:


Basically Bootstrap is designed to make prototyping easy. You have choice to pick the different responsive elements using its customize feature and then download a finished version.

Style Tiles

Style Tiles are a design deliverable consisting of fonts, colors and interface elements that communicate the essence of a visual brand for the web.

StyleTiles is very useful and important tool because it help form a common visual language between creating a responsive style that meet the needs of both the designer and client and both agree on.


We’ve been using Gridset (or what was to become Gridset) in various forms at Mark Boulton Design for about two years now. With responsive design forcing us into working and thinking differently about web layouts, the maths involved in designing for a plethora of different screen sizes started to take up valuable time and cause more than a few headaches.

Gridset is most popular and useful tool for making grids. It is built by the team at Mark Boulton Design. It works with different content management systems and WordPress is one of them. Gridset offers flexibility through easy-to-use interface that you need to create complex grids.

List Of Other Tools:


It is a popular jQuery plugin that allows to make font size flexible according to the device being used by the viewer. FitText is used to achieve scalable text that fill the width of a parent element.

Retina Images

Automatically serve high-res images, to those who’ll appreciate them.

If you want to show different images according to the device being used by your visitor. It can meet your demands because Retina Images is best tool which can be used to serve different images based on the device being used by the viewer.

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