May 18, 2021

New Tools and Great Changes to Mobile SEO Prediction in 2021

Technology is constantly changing. With the world-wide use of smartphones and tablets – sometimes being used as a main computer – the way we search is evolving. The growth of mobile and local search means that internet markers need to stay on top, making sure that they are optimized for mobile search.

New Tools and Great Changes to Mobile SEO Prediction

Google Keyword Planner

It is a known fact that a mobile search can differ from searches carried out on a laptop or desktop computer, giving varying results. The different search behavior allows internet marketers to benefit from the differences in search. From as early as 2009, you could select a filter on the Google Keyword Tool. The filter enabled internet marketers to see the search volume. You could pick the device that you wanted to see the results for. With The new Google Keyword Planner, this filter will be a thing of the past. There are advantages to this but like anything, there are also disadvantages.

A great advantage of not having the device filter as an option is that internet markers, who do not include the device option in their search, will be better off. This is because, without ticking the device box, the results received are not accurate. It will only be data for a computer search and no other devices. This really impairs an internet markers initial analysis, because the results are inaccurate. This affects the whole process negatively. The great news is, with Google keyword Planner; results are likely to be fairer for internet marketers across the board.

Another benefit of the Google Keyword Planner is that we will now be able to see the search volume at local level. With the Google keyword Tool, the local search and the mobile search are typically blended in together. Mobile search is in fact 50% local. This means that internet markers will now have the chance to see data from the Google Keyword Planner that they will have not come across before, with Google’s Keyword Tool. For instance, if you use “near me” or “nearby” you are able to see what local searchers – who use their mobiles – are looking for. Also, you can see what keywords they are using. This is great because for different areas, it is inevitable that people will be searching for different things dependent on what is there.

It would have been great if the Google Keyword Planner tool went a step further and let us find what the keyword volume is around a particular address. This way, we would have been able to see what mobile searchers are looking at in-store. Nevertheless, finding the volume for each city is still a great win for local search optimization.

A disadvantage to the Google Keyword Planner is that there is no option to filter results, showing the difference in search behaviors on various devices. However, this data can still be accessed by using Bing Ads Intelligence, ensuring that the mobile device percentage of the results can still be taken into account.

If internet marketers really want to go that extra mile and collect results from Google, there are some methods. One approach is by calculating the percentage of the results from Bing. Then use an estimation of device numbers based on Google. This is not really a fool proof way of getting accurate results. Nevertheless, if these results are already part of your research, then you do not have that many options. Especially, as the Google Keyword Tool will no longer be available in about 60 days.

Bright Edge Mobile SEO

Bright Edge inquired with their uses about how essential it will be to have mobile SEO in 2013. Unsurprisingly, 88% of people asked, said that it will be more important than it was in 2012.

Their clients are constantly asking about the capability of tracking the ranks taken from mobile search queries. Amazingly, they have created a worthwhile solution that gives internet markers the ability to track the ranking data on devices – like smartphones and tables.

Mobile SEO provides internet markers with a clear understanding about mobility and how it affects search rankings – and traffic. They will give you detailed insights into local searches. You can even see how keywords perform on different devices.

Although, you still have the ability to use Google Webmasters tools to get a basic look at mobile rankings, it is far from ideal. If you want to keep up to date in the internet marketing world, and adapt with the ever changing technology, then you need a worthy tool to do the job. You need to have access to accurate data to ensure that you are making the right progress, and Bright Edge’s Mobile SEO tool is just the one.

SEO, like anything is constantly changing. Google Keyword Planner and Bright Edge Mobile SEO are great solutions to help you stay afloat.

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