May 18, 2021


Thinking about HTML5 and SEO becomes crucial. Although HTML 5 is still in the making process but knowledge about HTML5 and will it impact SEO is extremely important for any SEO guyz. HTML 5 will not bring changes in the organic SEO policy is a misunderstanding.

What’s New in HTML 5?

Although the introduction of HTML5 has simplified many tasks but it also adds some complexity in this area. HTML5 introduces many new useful tags and elements but These new tags and elements might make HTML5 look more complex. If you are worried that you will have to start learning HTML5 from scratch then you should not worried about that. Because HTML 5 is not very different from HTML 4 as it is still an XML–based presentation language.

Is HTML5 Good for SEO?

HTML5 contains a number of features and technologies and some of which have no effects on SEO. A number of blog articles have tried to answer this question. Some of answer were misleading and wrong. The Correct answer of this question is that HTML5 will affect SEO in both positive and negative way.

Multimedia and HTML5:

Previously Web developers and designers have used plugins to add graphics content to their projects and these enabled Web developers and designers to create mind blowing and eye-catching designs that attracted many visitors. However the main problem was that these sites have suffered from very poor search engine ranking because of inability of Google web-crawler to index these contents. But HTML5 allows for indexing this type of content. As i said HTML5 introduces many new useful tags, these tags help to improve search engine ranking. Do you know, why HTML5 site get higher ranking than the equivalent sites? This is what HTML5 is.

How Changes in HTML5 Will Affect SEO?

As blogger and SEO guy you are more likely interested in those areas of HTML5 which will affect SEO.

1. ‘Page Segmentation’ is much improved by HTML5. Most people don’t know about page segmentation  for those i want to explain what is page segmentation? it means that a page is divided into different separate parts such as headers, menus, main content, side bars and footers. Search engines are now applying page segmentation and treat every part as separate entry.

2. HTML5 introduces new ‘<article> tag’ and many SEO expert think <article> tag as a best addition from a SEO point of view. If articles are marked with the <article> tag this activity will make the HTML code cleaner.

3. The new ‘<header> tag’ gives a lot of flexibility and is another the best addition from a SEO point of view. This new <header> tag contain H1, H2, H3 elements, whole paragraphs of text and etc and this is really a good thing for SEO. It is also a bit different from <H1> tag.

4. HTML5 also introduces the new ‘<footer> tag’ and can be used for SEO purpose. The new <footer> tag allows to include some important information and also gives a lot of flexibility.

5. The new ‘<section> tag’ can be used to identify separate sections. In HTML5 each section will have its separate HTML heading. It also contributes to the SEO as many SEO experts believe that many search engines pay more attention to the contents of separate sections.

HTML5 and links:

6. ‘Alternate’ allows to specify alternate content. For example same content in word or PDF format.

7. ‘License’ helps to provide a link to licensing information (if any).

8. ‘Author’ enables to link to an author’s profile. This is a great benefit if the author is registered on Google plus because it is a factor of SEO.

 9. ‘Search’ helps to provide a link to the resources.

10. In HTML5, new values for the ‘rel’ attribute of the link tag helps to create a context for a document.  This activity provides greatly improved search results.

Now there are mix views of HTML5 so don’t get too excited about any potential SEO benefits with HTML5. No one can say that HTML5 has 100 percent contributes to the SEO. So When more pages converted on HTML5 and search engines will pay more attention Only then it will be possible to say whether search engines rank well HTML5 pages or not and whether HTML5 has positive affects or negative affects on SEO. Additionally, the browsers will also take some time to adjust with HTML5 and that’s why you should have no concern with HTML5 and SEO now.

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