March 2, 2021

Four Free SEO Tools For Competitive Intelligence in 2021

Due to sudden drop in organic search engine ranking and thus traffic, many large businesses built in house SEO teams and some have access to big SEO companies to identify and overcome to the problem that led this sudden drops in organic search engine traffic and ranking. It is important to know who are your competitors and what they are doing. In developing strategy, competitors should be considered and incorporated in strategy. By doing this, businesses can gain great information about their competitors and hence can know SEO strategies used by their competitors. For smaller businesses, consideration should be given to the resources available (e.g cash). Small businesses may not be able to hire SEO companies and collect information about their competitors due to limited resources.

There are a variety of best free SEO tools available that businesses (with limited resources) can use to gain a competitive advantage on competitors and  identify and rectify the issues without having to invest any money. Below is a review of four excellent free SEO tools for competitive intelligence.

Four Free SEO Tools For Competitive Intelligence

Screaming Frog

It is crucial to understand which things search engines see in your website when search engine spiders work on your website and crawl it. In order to understand how spider works and what they find in your website when they crawl your site, Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool will help you in understand this. The Screaming Frog, spiders websites’ images, CSS, links, script and apps and allows you to quickly analyse, audit and review a website from an SEO viewpoint. It is a free desktop program that crawl your site. After installing this program simply put your website URL and click on the “Start” button. This tool will then work on your site, find broken internal links so they can be fixed immediately and list all outbound (external) links.

Open Site Explorer

Understanding link status of competitors and knowing what sites are linking to them is a good way to understand those keywords that results in a successful targeting. Open Site Explorer can do just that – for free. Simply put your website URL and those of your competitors (up to four URLs). This will then provide you with very valuable competitive intelligence report.

Keyword Spy

It may be the case that all competitors are important that are considered in competitive SEO intelligence. Hen it is crucial to gain knowledge about which competitors should be considered in competitive SEO intelligence due to different target keyword basis. Keyword Spy offers to discover competitors and their keywords. Simply put your target keyword phrase, select keyword option. click on the search button, then select the organic competitors tab and see the results.

Site Comparison

In order to take an on-page competitive analysis, Site Comparison allows you to compare two pages with regard to SEO. You can compare some of the important elements on your webpage opposed to your top competitors. Elements that are compared include keywords, headers, links, Meta data information, page titles, keyword density and content. This can provide you what elements of your competitor has better optimized for a target keyword and can also give you hints how to improve your site.

Which one is your favorite? which SEO tool you use for competitive Intelligence? Share with us!

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