May 18, 2021

Effective Logo Design: Rules And Tips in 2021

There are number of different logo design resources and tutorials which are available across the web. But these following rules and tips will ensure you create an effective logo designs. A logo represents a brand. It helps to create awareness of your brand and thus it is very essential to have a unique logo. If you have a solid understanding of what things makes your logo design good then you can create a unique logo design. You should also need to consider the things before finalization of the project.

Brand Vs Logo

Your brand is the sum of every things like name, term, design, symbol and etc that distinct you product,service or company from others. So what is a logo? and what is the role of your logo in your brand?

What Is A Logo?

To understand what a logo is, you should have to understand the aim of a logo. A logo must be unique and looks different from others. Logos are the identity of a company or a brand so the design process must aim to make the logo, unique, brand specific and immediately recognizable. Logos are used to differentiate a company’s brand from others in a same market niche.

What Is The Role of Your Logo In Your Brand?

Logos are either symbols and icons OR are composed of the name of the company. See and compare the above logos and notice that all are unique, brand specific and have a totally different shapes. So make sure logo shows on your company’s brand, website, letterhead, banners, business cards and etc.

Rules of Effective Logo Design:

What Makes A Good Logo?

A good logo must be, unique, distinctive, appropriate, targeted and clear and have the ability to represent the whole picture of a brand. It means your logo must communicate the intended message. The logo you design must be able to print at any size.

Logo Design Process

Many think that the process of designing a good logo is not so difficult and anyone can do it. As logo looks small and easy they think these can be easily created. But this is not the case. Although designing a good logo is not too much difficult but also you can’t say it easy. To create a good logo, it takes thought and creativity and many other factors.

1. First, you should have to consider your own brand or company’s name, When you are designing on your logo. A logo should be an impression so you should have a sufficient knowledge of your targeted users/market and know well what they want from you. Ask from the employees of your company that what type of logo they are expecting, involve experienced senior in this process and hire external professionals to do this job if you don’t have ones internally. Make different logos and get comments on them to draw a conclusion.

2. Your logo should represent an image and background of your brand and company as well. If your can’t then try to design it so that it can represent this aim. Try to simplify your logo so it is clear and understandable OR if your logo contains number of lines, shapes, stories, colors, and fonts but still it is clear and looks professional then you can break this rule because the aim of these rules is only that you create a clear and understandable logo.

3. Conduct a Q&A session and ask them to provide feedback on this logo. Review it, if feedback is positive then it is OK  and if more than 40 % give negative feedback then try to ask them why they don’t like this logo and incorporate their feedback and comments in final designing process of your logo.

Tips For Effective Logo Design:

If you follow the tips listed below, you can create a good logo that will meet the needs of your client. The tips that i listed below are collected from some experienced professional designers.

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