January 27, 2021

7 Reasons Why People Don’t Like Your Blog in 2021

Do you know that, just one mistake and everything you will lose. Just one mistake can ruin your travail. I know you have read many of websites that help you to get more traffic to your blog and you have also read some tips and tricks of how to increase traffic. Most of tips works but not all. however did you ever think about those things which prevent your blog to get good traffic from search engines or even high page rank? Did you ever think about what things that you have done wrong? Always keep in mind that you blog reader and your blog content is the king and you are nothing. In this article i am going to tell you what things you must not do on your blog if you want good traffic and a handsome page rank  So concentrate and always keep these things in your mind at all cost. Some times we overlook the some mistakes that we can so easily correct them even in seconds but we don’t. The main theme and aim of this article is to correct those mistakes.

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Reasons Why People Don’t Like Your Blog

1. Don’t make your comment box a difficult task for readers

Many of bloggers make it compulsory to login before readers can comment on their blogs, and many of them also added a puzzle which needs to be solved. Reader often don’t like this stuff and do not post their comments on these types of blog having these compulsory requirements  So we suggest you that you should not do this with your blog. The readers are very interested to give their feedbacks but if you have these requirements then your reader will not comment and there is no way to know their opinions and their feedbacks. So make your comment box an easy step for your reader so that they can easily comment on your blog.

2. Don’t have any popups on your blog

If you have any popups on your blog that popup when visitor open your blog. Some visitors don’t like these useless things and think you are unprofessional because big websites and professional bloggers do not add these stuff on their blogs.

3. Don’t make it hard for your readers to navigate your blog

Try to enable search box and add a menu bar (Dropdown Menu) on your blog to make it easier for your readers to navigate your blog. This will help your readers to search your blog and can see other posts on your blog. If you have many categories then add another menu so that all categories are visible on your blog.

4. Don’t leave your comment box unanswered

If reader of your post ask anything thing related or unrelated to your article and don’t answer to him/her then i am sure he/she will not come to your blog again and you will lose many readers of your blog.

5. Don’t use to many images. These will increase your blog’s loading time

Many of bloggers use many images in their posts to get high traffic but they don’t know that these images will increase the loading time of their blogs. So always try to use few images in your posts or use those images that have small size to decrease the loading time of your blog. This is highly recommended by many of SEO experts because this is very crucial from SEO point of view. Also read this related article What is SEO?

6. Don’t forget to add a footer on your blog

Some of your readers will scroll down and see all of your posts and will also see your blog’s footer. Why? Because many of readers think that blog’s footer contain popular and interesting things. So add a footer on your blog and make it attractive and add interesting stuff on it.

7. Don’t forget to use a favicon and logo on your blog

Favicon and logo are the identity of your blog and these things will help your reader to remember your blog.

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