January 27, 2021

6 Firefox Add-Ons for Designers in 2021

f you are a web designer then i am sure that you are using Firefox as your primary web browser. If you are not using it, you should have to download it right now. Because Firefox provides a variety of functions and features that i think other browsers don’t allows these and don’t provide the same features. Firefox provide web designers a highest internet browsing experience. You can’t find those features in other browsers which Firefox provide to we designers. Since there are so many different add-ons available you can transform your Firefox browsers into a tool that will help to increases your productivity and saves your time. However it is difficult to choose the best add-ons, so in this article i decided to do all the difficult task and compiled a list of 6 Firefox add-ons for you. These are, i think, the best ones and are very essential for a web designer.

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With Firebug, you can edit, debug or monitor any web page and give you full control over the CSS, HTML and JavaScript. You can quickly test the changes you made and see the results instantly because every change that you make is done live. Firebug provides different options and features that make it easy for any web designer to completely customize its use. Some of its features include: inspect HTML and modify style and layout in real-time, accurately analyze network usage and performance, customizable logging for JavaScript, keystroke shortcuts, visual guides for editing CSS. By using this add-on you can also control how and where the Firebug’s editing area appears.

6 Firefox Add-Ons for Designers

Web Developer

This Firefox add-on is absolutely essential for all web designers. Web Developer add-on provides a variety of different useful features to web designers including CSS menu, Image menu and etc. CSS menu will help you to disable styles, view CSS, view style information, add a custom style sheet, edit CSS and etc. Image Menu will help you to display ALT attributes, image dimensions, image paths, disable images, replace images with ALT attributes and etc.

CSS Usage

CSS usage add-on integrates into Firebug and allow web designer to scan a website to uncover unused CSS style rules. CSS usage will help you to identify which CSS rules you do or do not use. This add-on will also suggest junky styles which can be removed, to help keep your CSS files lightweight. To use this extension just press ‘Scan’ that is located in the ‘CSS Coverage’ tab. This extension will save a huge time for cleaning up of your CSS files.


A color tool that can aid in both basic and advanced color tasks. By using ColorZilla add-on, you will be able to find out the exact value of HSV and RGB of your desired color quickly and easily. Basically it provides three ways to choose a color: Color Picker, Eyedropper and Palette Browser As a web designer, you often need values of your desired colors so this add-on is best for you and for any web designer. The ColorZilla add-on is quite simple to get the exact value of a specific color. ColorZilla also offers additional useful features such as a DOM color analyzer and online palette viewer.

HTML Validator

This add-on is very essential for any web designer. This extension validates the code so this will help you to ensure whether the HTML codes are working properly or not. HTML validators does an appropriate W3C standard validation of the code. If you encounter any error, HTML validator will show the source with explanations of errors after the validation and provide you with the solutions to any errors.


The FireShot is an advanced screen capture add-on for Firefox. Although all operating systems have built-in function to capture the screen, but this does not mean that it will provide you with the capabilities that you may need. FireShot allows you to add annotations directly to the screen captures and also provide several options for handling your screen captures.

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