January 27, 2021

10 WordPress Plugins To Manage Ads Banners in 2021

How to monetize your blog/website? Direct ads selling have become very popular and that is why most of people created their blogs to earn money online. There are many Ad Networks (Google, Yahoo Bing Media.net and etc) that offer different types of banners for different niches blogs. The best and easiest way to earn money online is to signup for Google Adsense. On the other hand BuySellAds is very popular and better than other ad networks and that is why many bloggers prefer direct ads selling. A question which is mostly asked by bloggers is How and where to put ad networking codes in right place into their blogs? As there are numbers of ad networks available for you to earn money But, it is more effective when you placed your various Ad networking codes into right place and adjust or wrap in your blog’s posts and pages.

We assembled most popular and powerful WordPress Plugins to manage your Ads. These plugins will actually help you to organize, create and customize your advertisements and maximize your revenue. Not only this, These plugins will also give you the full details about clicks, impression, banner size and etc and You will also be able to have full control over your advertisements. With these plugins you don’t need to modify your template because through these plugins you can put banner expired date, insert ad code, rotate the banners and etc. From the list given below, you have to pick only one plugin which actually suits you best so we recommend you to go-through each of the plugin before you make your final decision.

WordPress Plugins To Manage Ads Banners

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1. Wp-Insert

Wp-Insert is a popular, powerful and user friendly WordPress advertisement Management plugin which has many features and does a lot more than advertisement management. It allows you to manage your Google Analytics, feeds, blog editing and make easier to modify and edit your themes. Its features include: Support multiple ad networks, Allow inserting ads at different position in your post, Allow you to show OR hide ads in homepage, Allows easy editing of ads code, Full control over each ads.

2. Ad-minister

Ad-minister is a powerful plugin which help helps users to create banner easily by defining your ‘position’ for banners. After you define your position you can easily put the adsense code or other ad codes and add your banner. This plugin give you the details of Impression, Clicks, Weights and positions so i think it is a good plugin. Its features include: Allows scheduling and ads rotation, Highly compatible, Configure/customize banner for each post, Allow users to define their own ‘position’.

3. Advertisement Management

Advertisement Management is a very simple plugin which allow you to add advertising codes straight from the backend system. You can add advertisements to 8 places so you have to simply insert your banner code where you want. So you can add advertisements below the posts title, below the post content, above the header, below the footer etc.

4. BuySellAds

This official plugin allow you to easily integrate BuySellAds. As we know BuySellAds is another way to maximize revenue. Many blogger use this plugin to insert the BuySellAds codes. Just install this plugin and simply insert your BuySellAds codes where you want. This plugin gives you two extremely simple ways to insert your BuySellAds code. You can put BuySellAds codes in your widget sidebar or even in posts/pages manually. Some of its features include: anti-AdBlock protection, allow easy BuySellAds integration and etc.

5. WhyDoWork AdSense Plugin

WhydoWork is a WordPress plugin which is highly customizable plugin. With WhyDoWork AdSense Plugin, you can easily insert your Adsense code without modifying your template file. This plugin allow users to define up to 10 sets of advertisement codes. So you can set different sets of ad code after x days in different posts/pages of your WordPress blog/website. This way your regular reader will not bore from your advertisements. This plugin also allow users to modify, show ads at different positions like top, middle or bottom of the posts, Exclude ads at single post and etc.

6. Ad Manager

Ad Manager is a powerful ad manager and is advanced advertisment manager. This plugin is very easy for those WordPress blogger who are either beginners OR want a simple way to put their adsense codes. Ad Manager allows you to  select context conditions for displaying ads, like page location/location index or user class. Its installation is very easy, just activate the plugin, and set it up as you wish from your dashboard.

7. Adrotate

AdRotate is a popular advertising plugin for WordPress. This powerful plugin helps you to create and manage your banners easily. It allows you to customize your ads into two forms either in Group or Banner Wizard. Those blog owner who are not familiar with this plugin, can use Banner Wizard. Banner Wizard will guide beginners step-by-step to create banner. With this plugin you can manage and control banners and banner groups, set banner expiry date, track click ratio, review which banner is shown the most, integrates with WordPress dashboard, quickly add and edit banner codes and etc.

8. All in One Adsense and YPN Pro

All in One Adsense nd YPN Pro is another popular and powerful WordPress plugin. This is a free and open source plugin. This plugin is able to inserts your Google adsense codes into all of your posts automatically. It gives you with complete control over all aspects of your ads position, freedom to pick how many total ads to show on your pages and posts.

9. OIO Publisher

OIOpublisher is another popular and powerful plugin for managing your advertisements and helps to maximizing your revenue, provide complete control over your ad space and ultimately saves your time. It is a paid plugin so it can be purchase for only $47. If you are serious about your website advertising then you should go for it. This plugin helps to maximize your revenue and adjust ad position. If you are new blogger, don’t go for it and select another great plugin from the list.

10. Post Layout

Post layout is very effective plugin which gives allows you to show your advertisements into your posts. So you can easily insert your ads codes into your posts without modifying your theme. It is in two version free and Pro so if you want to more features of this plugin, you should go for the ‘Pro’ version. This plugin allow you to inject both HTML/Javascript code, place ads at before middle or after the content, insert the PHP codes, add codes for mobile devices, detect mobile device and etc.

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