January 27, 2021

10 Free Rich-Text Editors in 2021

Rich-text editor also known as online rich-text editor is an interface for editing ‘rich text’ within your web browsers, and allow users to edit and enter text because rich-text editor present the users with an online editing area. There are many rich-text editors available and are used in numerous ways. It allow users to reduce their efforts to get user generated formatted content. These are basically “What You See Is What You Get” editors. Many rich-text editors are easily available for free so you don’t have need to purchase them.

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10 Free Rich-Text Editors

1. TinyMCE

TinyMCE is very popular, highly customizable and is an open source rich text editor. TinyMCE’s team also allow users to download more themes and plugins and use them to extend the feature and usability  TinyMCE editor has some different features and is totally free. TinyMCE is compatible with all major browsers but they recommend to use Firefox as the primary browser for the best editing experience.

2. XStandard

XStandard is very popular and the leading WYSIWYG editor for Web-based content management systems. Basically it has two versions one is XStandard Lite and second is XStandard Pro. Standard Lite is a completely free version. Its features include: Images As Text, drag & drop file upload, keyboard-accessible, paste content from third-party applications, Microsoft Word text cleanup, spellchecking, authoring accessible content, interact with other applications and much more. It use CSS for formatting to ensure the simple and clean separation of content and generates valid XHTML.

3. BXE – The WYSIWYG XML Editor

It is a browser based WYSIWYG XML editor. BXE is an open sourced fully functional editor and is under an Apache style license. It allow users to change an entire web page so you can edit your content semantically with this BXE and you can display it in its final form at the same time. You can also find some help if you have any issues with it from its website.

4. CK Editor

CKeditor is also very popular and open source rich text editor. CKeditor is an online rich text editor but you can also download it. It has many best features. It provide users with best HTML table editing that make very easy for users to create and edit tables. It has also a great feature known as “Word clean-up” because this feature automatically cleans up the text that is copied from Microsoft Word documents. It offers the best accessibility features available than other browser based editors. It has three versions Standard editor, Full featured and Inline editing.

5. MarkItUp

MarkItUp is a very lightweight, customizable, flexible and JavaScript-based editor. It is very popular WYSIWYG editor made to meet the needs of developers. It has a support for keyboard shortcuts, drop down menus, customizable skins and Ajax dynamic preview and has many other great features as it is a “Full Features Out of the Box” editor.

6. WidgEditor

WidgEditor is popular easily installed, customizable, WYSIWYG editor. It is JavaScript-based that converts existing HTML textareas into an improved WYSIWYG. users that don’t have JavaScript it degrades gracefully so its essential to have JavaScript. The widgEditor code is an open sourced fully featured released under a GNU General Public License.

7. FreeTextBox

FreeTextBox is most popular, fully featured free ASP.NET WYSIWYG rich HTML editor. It has many great features such as editing controls, built-in image gallery, Complete JavaScript API, Style Sheet Support, Style Editor, spellchecking and many other features. FreeTextBox is compatible with all major browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer.

8. NicEdit

NicEdit is very user-friendly, simple and fast and has too many features. NicEdit is extremely lightweight and provide visitors with an effective mean to express their formatting in rich text. It can be easily integrated in any site. It is also free so get started editing today. You can use this NicEdit remotely from the NicEdit website. For this you have to copy a JavaScript code from its website.

9. Silverlight Rich Text Editor

Silverlight rich text editor is an open source editor and has various well known features including integrated scroll viewer, custom design, blockquotes, un-ordered lists, block alignment, multi-font-selections, find & replace, keyboard shortcuts support and many other features.

10. OpenWYSIWYG Editor

Kupu is a free WYSIWYG editor, has every rich-text editing feature and is easy to set up. You can quickly replace regular textarea into a powerful WYSIWYG editor and help users to construct HTML tables & customize them. It allows you total control over formatting your text. It is also compatible with all major browsers.

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